About Us (cont'd)

Human Resources

Extensive working knowledge - Employment Law, employee relations, implementation and maintenance of general human resources programs and leadership training.  Provides guidance to executives, managers, supervisors and employees on various human resource issues.  Manages implementation and rollout of new HR programs for the assigned client groups, including training on HR related subjects.  Assist leaders with appropriate disciplinary action and review requests for termination approval.

  • Promotes high professional standards

  • Positive interpersonal relationships

  • Resolve internal/external inquiries, complaints and interrogatories

  • Lead projects to ensure coordinated and timely resolution to operational problems



Developed unique and creative seminars and conferences for the development and encouragement of useful exchange and experiences between participants/colleagues for the sharing of commonalties and differences promoting creative thinking, problem solving, stress management and effective leadership skills.

  • Consultations for the development of new employees

  • Promptness of assignment accomplishment

  • Investment in people

  • Mutual strengthening of loyalty, team spirit, motivation and communication skills


Organizational Development

Consideration of organizational dynamic systems with their own specific and unique cultural attributes, We have the capacity through consultation to connect with organizational culture, communications, teams, inter-team, and hierarchical interactions.  By designing solutions that assist in establishing positive organizational change with the optimal use of competencies and models.

  • Reorganization of major Sales selection and structure

  • Reorganization of world wide cargo organization

  • Alignment of strategy, structure, rewards, recognition, roles and responsibilities

  • Effective creation and implementation of start-up programs

  • Giving people the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial, self-confidence skills leading organizations


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