About Us


Human Capital - When your organization conducts personnel selection processes there is difficulty in selecting the most competitive applicant.  We posses the ability to facilitate the optimal choice through application of appropriate assessment procedures.

  • Assessment of applicants' personal characteristics and intellectual abilities

  • Assessment of the potential for successful job performance, team compatibility and contribution to the overall development of the organization

  • Analysis and comparison of the applicants and recommendation on final selection

  • Analysis of team and company culture aimed  to investigate motivation, experience, aptitudes and personal team compatibility and potential for development

  • Expert appraisal of professional competence for executive team



Learning Organizations - We possess the skills for creating and enhancing a learning organizational culture through the development of its employees potential, encouraging their motivation, stimulation of team spirit and strengthening individual loyalty and attachment to the goals and mission of the organization.

  • Inquiry of particular needs of the organization and individuals focusing on a suitable training design

  • Creating opportunities for better communication within the organization by sharing useful experiences, difficulties and solutions

  • ADA, FMLA, workers' compensation, diversity, work/title balance & alternative dispute resolution

  • Team building and improvement of individual personal skills

  • Enlargement of individual experiences through meeting organizational culture alignment